Coldstream Laboratories Inc. opened in 1991 as the Center for Pharmaceutical Science & Technology (CPST), a unit of the University of Kentucky (UK) College of Pharmacy. The CPST completed more than 200 development projects that led to clinical trials.

In February 2007, the University decided to spin off the CPST in to a private company, Coldstream Laboratories, Inc., in order to keep pace with competitors and move at the speed of business. Coldstream Labs is privately held and wholly owned by the University of Kentucky Research Foundation.

Since the transition to private business, Coldstream has expanded laboratory and business office facilities and tripled in number of employees.

Coldstream Laboratories Inc. offers fully integrated analytical, formulation development, and pharmaceutical manufacturing services. Staff members have provided a wide range of formulations, testing, and GMP drug product production for a broad spectrum of clients. We are registered with the FDA and the Commonwealth of Kentucky Board of Pharmacy for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.

In January 2015, ownership of Coldstream was transferred to Piramal Enterprises, Ltd., an integrated, global contract services provider.  As part of becoming a Piramal-owned organization, Coldstream now has access to the financial resources required to expand its facilities in Lexington, KY to continue to meet the needs of its customers.

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