Antibody Drug Conjugation

For Antibody Drug Conjugation

Piramal is the world leader in delivering customer-centric solutions in the field of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) to global pharmaceutical companies. Our world-class facilities in the UK and US, backed by a highly experienced team, offer integrated services from Conjugation Development to Clinical and Commercial ADC GMP batch manufacturing and Fill/Finish.

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Our Unique Position

  • World ADC 2014 Award – World leader in ADC conjugation services
  • Integrated service from preclinical development of conjugated ADC to sterile Fill/Finish
  • 98% GMP batch success rate
  • Global supplier for one of the only two marketed ADCs for past 4 years
  • Unparalleled manufacturing experience  - 600 batches (300 GMP) for 130 different ADC candidates
  • Over 40 different toxin/toxin-linker systems
  • ADC Grangemouth Site – Successfully audited by US FDA, UK MHRA, ANVISA – Brazil, PMDA – Japan
  • World ADC 2014 Award – World leader in ADC conjugation services
  • 2015 CMO Leadership Awards – Four awards for quality, reliability and regulatory excellence
  • Partnership with Fujifilm, UK for antibody services

What We Offer

  • Proof-of-Concept Preclinical Development Studies
  • Conjugation Process Development and Scale Up
  • Pre-clinical and Toxicology ADC Manufacture
  • ADC Clinical and Commercial Manufacturing
  • ADC Fill/Finish
  • Analytical Method Development Services
  • Bulk Drug Substance and Finished Product Release Testing
  • In vivo an Imaging services


  • ADC Precliinical development, Clinical and Commercial Manufacturing- Grangemouth, UK
  • ADC Fill/ Finish- Coldstream, Kentucky, USA
  • Imaging services, Berlin, Germany