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Coldstream Laboratories Upgrades Sterile Manufacturing Facility


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(Lexington, KY—(Marketwire—July 24, 2012) - Coldstream Laboratories, Inc., a Lexington, Kentucky, based pharmaceutical and biotechnology development and manufacturing firm announced today the initiation of significant enhancements to its manufacturing facility.  Work began last week on expanding a number of key systems in the sterile drug product manufacturing plant aimed at improving efficiencies and expanding capacity to produce parenteral products.

Dr. Vickie Hall, Vice President of Operations, stated, “The demand for our services has grown markedly over the last year.   We are expanding our capacity to generate sterile water for injection and other systems to keep pace with demand.”

Additionally, Coldstream is improving lyophilization capacity to expand the range of solvents that can safely be handled.  Coldstream has seen a significant increase in demand for production of lyophilized products that require the use of organic solvents.  These upgrades to the company’s lyophilization and manufacturing capacity will enhance the safety and robustness of manufacturing operations.  This process began last year with the expansion of the R&D lyophilization capabilities through facilities modification and the purchase of additional capacity, which also included a focus on increasing the solvents that can be used for product development.

 “The market is signaling that the ability to handle organic solvents in our lyophilizers is an important differentiator for Coldstream,” remarked Eric Smart, Executive Vice President.  “We have helped a number of clients overcome solubility and stability challenges in the development of practical manufacturing processes by employing organic solvents.  While our lyophilization equipment was already capable of handling many organic solvents, these additional features will expand the number of solvents we can handle safely to help our clients overcome challenges in product development.”

The upgrades will be completed in August 2012 and are the latest in Coldstream’s ongoing efforts to expand contract manufacturing service offerings.

Coldstream Laboratories, Inc., is a specialty manufacturer of sterile injectable drugs and operates Kentucky's only sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. For more information, visit or email


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