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Coldstream Laboratories Announces Manager of Technology Transfer

Sholto Maclean Named Manager of Technology Transfer at Coldstream Labs.

LEXINGTON, KY--(Marketwire – Jan 23, 2012) - Coldstream Laboratories, Inc., a provider of drug product research and manufacturing services specializing in high potency and cytotoxic parenteral products, has named Sholto Maclean as Manager of Technology Transfer.

In the newly created position, Maclean will work closely with Coldstream’s pharmaceutical development team to scale up processes for sterile liquid and lyophilized drug products for manufacturing in the company’s sterile manufacturing facility.

Maclean brings to Coldstream over 20 years of experience in parenteral processing, sterile product development, lyophilization development and aseptic manufacturing. Most recently, he served as a lyophilization/technology transfer consultant for a major pharmaceutical company. Past experience includes positions at GlaxoSmithKline and DSM Pharmaceuticals.

"We are pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Maclean to Coldstream's management team," said Coldstream President and CEO Larry Kranking. "With his expertise in lyophilization, he is an ideal fit for our newly created technology transfer function. His in-depth experience will significantly enhance our team and provide Coldstream’s clients with a wealth of knowledge specific to the development and manufacture of parenteral drugs.”

Coldstream Laboratories, Inc. is a specialty manufacturer of sterile injectable drugs and operates Kentucky's only sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. For more information, visit www.coldstreamlabs.com or email customerservice@coldstreamlabs.com.

Posted on Mon, Jan 23, 2012 @ 09:01 AM by Kathy Sue Bennett

Kathy Sue Bennett

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