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Coldstream Partners with Local Company for Manufacture of New Equine Device

Photo Caption:  Equinext’s President and CEO, Eric Hauck, with Eric Smart, President and CEO of Coldstream Laboratories in Coldstream’s sterile manufacturing facility.

sterile manufacturing facility

LEXINGTON, Ky. (April 16, 2013) — Lexington, Ky based Equinext, LLC is excited to announce the release of its new product, NEXTTM, or Nonsurgical EXogenous crosslink Therapy.  NEXTTM is an injection that treats tendon and ligament tears in horses by providing immediate stabilization and support to the torn soft tissue promoting better healing with reduced healing time. The product will be offered for the first time at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event which runs April 25-28 at the Kentucky Horse Park.

NEXTTM is injected directly into the lesion of the injured tendon or ligament and interacts with the native proteins (collagen) causing the tissue to strengthen and mechanically stabilize so that the natural healing process can begin: much like a cast helps heal broken bones. The structural effect of NEXTTM dramatically reduces recovery time, whereas with other therapies, some tendon and ligament injuries can take up to a year or more to heal.

Equinext President and CEO, Eric Hauck, brought the NEXTTM technology to Lexington two years ago when he led the relocation of the parent company, Orthopeutics, from Austin, Texas to the University of Kentucky Coldstream Research Campus. “We realized shortly after we came to Lexington that our device originally designed to treat low back pain and knee meniscus tears in humans was an obvious cross-over technology for the equine industry,” said Hauck. “These injuries can affect up to 30 percent of competitive horses with higher rates of occurrence in working horses.”

Equinext partnered with Hagyard Equine Medical Institute to conduct their First in Equine clinical trials and also with Coldstream Laboratories, Inc, a specialty manufacturer of parenteral pharmaceutical products, to manufacture the NEXTTM   device. “We are pleased to have been afforded the opportunity to partner with Equinext,” says Eric W. Smart, President & CEO of Coldstream Laboratories.  “We were especially interested in collaborating with a fellow Kentucky-based company to help promote the growing biotechnology sector within the state.  We look forward to continued success in this endeavor."

The core technology behind NEXTTM spun out of the research conducted by Tom Hedman, Orthopeutics’ Founder. Hedman, an MIT-trained and NIH-funded professor, moved from Texas A&M University to the University of Kentucky with a joint appointment in the departments of Neurosurgery and Biomedical Engineering. Orthopeutics will be conducting human clinical trials using the technology as a treatment for degenerative disc disease and related low back pain.

Equinext’s unique success story is attributed to the support of Kentucky based entities including Kentucky Science & Technology Corporation, University of Kentucky, Commonwealth Seed Capital Fund, Commerce Lexington, Coldstream Laboratories, Caddel Equine Therapy Center, Kentucky Technology Inc. and many more.

About Equinext

Equinext is a spinoff company of Orthopeutics with offices and laboratory on the University of Kentucky’s Coldstream Research Campus in Lexington, Ky. To learn more about Equinext and the NEXTTM technology visit the company website at: www.equinext.com. “How NEXTTM  Works”, can be viewed online at http://youtu.be/IU6Kx9TqtOk. You can also keep up with the company’s latest developments on Facebook by going to www.facebook.com/equinext.




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