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Coldstream to Attend Generics Conference

Christopher A. Verbicky, Ph.D., MBA, will be attending the “6th Product and Pipeline Enhancement for Generics Conference” in this week in Washington, D.C.  The event will take place at the Sheraton Crystal City Hotel July 23 – 25, 2013.

The event is presented by Marcus Evans North America and features a variety industry topics centering around product selection and development amidst changes in the generic industry.  Per the event website,

The 6th Product & Pipeline Enhancement for Generics Conference will look at the generics industry more strategically, and focus on strategies for companies to survive the patent cliff and emerge as robust competitors in the pharmaceutical market. This year we will discuss how to expand into new markets and start developing new products such as injectables, powders, and biosimilars.

Event literature goes on to state the following as key topics:

  • Staying relevant in a market with thin margins and increasing competition for fewer products
  • Strengthening GDUFA Copliance to Ensure the Company's Supply Chain is Intact
  • Exploring paths for revenue, including new products such as injectables, dry powder inhalers, combination products and biosimilars
  • Discuss an overall approach for resource allocation based on the current portfolio and new projects in development
  • Identifying potential emerging markets based on the population, demand and gaps in product availability

Coldstream plans to meet business leaders in the generics arena to stay abreast of changes and discuss sterile manufacturing and parenteral development.  Please contact Coldstream Laboratories today to find out more or to schedule a meeting.

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